We give poets a voice.

It is the unfortunate truth that only a handful of poets around the world are ever able to get their work in front of the eyes of a meaningful audience. Most never get this opportunity, and, subsequently, their work does not receive the appreciation it deserves. We at Gifted Penman’s Poetry hope to change that. It has become our mission to give a platform to young, amateur poets who would otherwise not be recognized. Periodically, we host contests open to all, the winners of which become published authors in our collections. It is through this means that we aim to reach our goal, and give a voice to the voiceless.


The Gifted Penman's Poetry Collection

"In this debut collection, Gifted Penman's Poetry showcases talented aspiring poets and their expressions on a multitude of topics in many poetic forms. These authors come from many different walks of lives. Their various individual experiences can be felt within the pages of this book, and this is exactly what sets this colorful collection apart from the others."

The Gifted Penman's Haiku Collection

"The Gifted Penman's Haiku Collection is an excellent testament to the diversity of poetry and the counter intuitive freedom that is granted by placing constraints upon one's writing. Indeed, the talented poets featured within these pages will show you that large ideas can be shared with just a handful of words."